Why The Number On The Scale Is NOT That Important?!

It seems that when we measure our weight loss the only device that we use is the scales. Why is this? Well it is quick, easy to perform and easily accessible. However I do not believe that by using the scales is the best method!

Sure they can tell you if you have either lost or gained weight but can they tell you if that is fat, muscle or even water?!

Most people will weight themselves first thing in the morning, however if you weight yourself after a meal you will certainly weigh differently.

If you weighed yourself before you go for a run and then after you will weigh less as you will have sweated quite a lot (water loss).

Most people will be frustrated when they have worked so hard over 2-4 weeks and don’t see a difference in their weight they get dishearten and then stop! WELL DON’T!

You may not of lost any weight by jumping on the scales however you may of replaced that fat with muscle but ultimately the overall weight on the scale is the same. For example you weigh 160lbs and after 4 weeks of hard training and following good nutrition practices you have lost 5lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle; so your overall weight loss has stayed the SAME!

So rather than just using the scales to measure your progress try these other techniques that I use:

  1. Tape measure – measure certain areas of your body and keep a record. E.g. Chest, waist, hips and thighs.
  2. Body Fat Calliper’s – get a trained professional to use body fat calliper’s. These measure how much fat you have in certain area’s of the body. Using this method can differentiate whether you have lost fat and gained muscle.bf-calliper
  3. Take Photo’s – taking photo’s is a great to actually physically see the progress you have made. Take these every couple of weeks (front, side and back). See some examples in the Success Stories.
  4. See how your clothes fit – one of the easiest ways is to see how your own clothes fit on you. So you think your weight is not changing on the scales but do your trousers feel looser; can you button them up easier or perhaps your top is not as snug as it once was?!Belly-Body-Clothes-Diet-Female-Figure-Fit-slimming-weight-loss-woman

Muscle versus Fat

People say that muscle weighs more than fat? But how can that be!! Are they not weighed using the SAME unit?! Unfortunately 5lbs of fat weighs the SAME as 5lbs of muscle.fat-vs-muscle

However do you not think it looks a lot different?! I’d rather have the 5lbs of muscle rather than the 5lbs of fat any day! Wouldn’t you?!!