A quick video review about this weeks results and the results so far over the 8 weeks.

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***WEEK 9 – Check In***

Here are my results for the last week:

Body weight – 150.5lbs (lost 1lb)
% Body Fat – 11% (lost 1.1%)
Fat Mass – 16.6lbs (lost 1.8lbs)
Muscle Mass – 133.9lbs (gained 0.8lbs)

As you can see from my photo’s this week I have put them next to the very first week that I started; so you can see the differences that have been made.

I have also compared last weeks results with the results from week 1 and the total amounts I have changed so far in 8 weeks:

Body weight – LOST 8.5lbs
% Body Fat – LOST 6.7%
Fat Mass – LOST 11.5lbs
Muscle Mass – GAINED 3lbs