A quick video review about this weeks results.

Remember you need to be consistent in your eating habits. If you are you WILL see results!!

There are no gimmicks or magic tricks that I do; it is just about being consistent in my eating habits and hard work!

Along with consuming protein I also eat carbohydrates and fat! Please do not be scared of them!!

If you have any questions then just send me a message.

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***WEEK 5 – Check In***

Here are my photo’s from this week and I have also put them next to my very first photo’s from week 1.

Also here are my results for the last week:

Body weight – 155.5lbs (same)
% Body Fat – 13.3% (lost 0.1%)
Fat Mass – 20.6lbs (lost 0.2lbs)
Muscle Mass – 134.9lbs (gained 0.2lbs)

So overall on the first 4 weeks I have:-

Lost 3.5lbs in body weight
Lost 4.5% body fat
Lost 7.5lbs of fat
Gained 4lbs of muscle

See you soon