Here in my very FINAL post (I am sure you will be glad to hear); I use some very simple techniques that ‘fitness models,’ ‘bodybuilders,’ and ‘photographers’ use to gain EVEN more to enhance your photo’s.

So all the photo’s (six) were taken on my last day (Saturday) and just a few minutes had past between them being taken.

On the first 3 photo’s the pictures on the left are me standing normally and the pictures on the right are me tensing the muscles. As you can see they certainly enhance the photo’s.

On the second lot of 3 photo’s the pictures of me standing on the left are me tensing my muscles and the photo’s on the right is me still tensing the muscles but I have changed the angle I am stood to FURTHER enhance the photo’s even more! (A technique used by photographers).

As you may of noticed from my body measurements on Friday I actually LOST 2lbs in body weight in just ’24 hours.’ Now this is mostly WATER!

And out of interest I actually weighed myself 24 hours later (Sunday) to see if my body measurements had changed after I started to consume ‘water’ again:-

Bodyweight – 142.5lbs (gained 3lbs)

(I didn’t manage to do my body measurements). BUT the weight I gained just came from ‘WATER.’

I hope you enjoyed my ‘Own Transformation?’

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Thank you