On the final day (Friday) where I cut my ‘water’ intake and refueled on ‘carbohydrates,’ I also took photo’s just as an interest to see how I looked as well my body measurements and compared them to my photo’s and measurements JUST ’24 hours’ later (on the Saturday):-

Bodyweight – 139.5lbs (lost 2lbs)
Body Fat % – 7.8% (lost 0.8%)
Fat Mass – 10.8lbs (lost 1.3lbs)
Lean Mass – 128.7lbs (lost 0.7%)

So you can see the difference in both the photo’s and the body measurements in JUST ’24 hours’ by using this ‘flushing’ technique.

(This is NOT a technique I recommend people to use unless you are already ‘lean.’)

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Make sure to check-in tomorrow to see my FINAL post (part 3) of how you ‘gain’ even more from your photo’s by using some little techniques.

See you tomorrow.