So last week I stated that it my was FINAL week of my ‘own’ transformation.

However I felt I was SO close to achieving the next level I wanted ‘one more week.’

I wanted to cover everything that I did in just this one post! However I felt it contained too much information so decided to split them into ‘3 PARTS.’

So on this final week I wanted to try a technique used by ‘fitness models,’ ‘bodybuilders’ and ‘fighters’ called FLUSHING.

This is where they manipulate their ‘water’ intake to get that REALLY defined look!

Now the technique that they use is ONLY used ‘short term;’ it is NOT sustainable ‘long term.’

They use it to get ready for photo shoots, competitions and to make weight in fights.

Doing my own transformation I consumed carbohydrates; the reason I did this was because I wanted to show people that they are not ‘BAD’ and you can still LOSE weight by consuming them; I also needed them so that I could still work hard and improve in my workouts (as they are an energy source).

I also consumed ‘protein’ and HEALTHY ‘fats’ as part of a balanced diet.

As some people are not aware by consuming carbohydrates your body will also hold on to ‘water.’ And especially as I was not consuming enough water through this journey; even more so.

So during this past week I have INCREASED my ‘water’ intake and the amount of HEALTHY ‘fats’ I consumed, whilst also lowering my ‘carbohydrate’ intake.’ I must stress that I have NOT lowered my daily caloric intake; that stayed the same. I just replaced my ‘carbohydrates’ with another energy source: ‘FAT.’

I also had to increase my water intake over the week and on the day before the ‘check-in’ you rapidly cut your water intake. Because you have been consuming a ‘high’ water intake and then cut it your body still carries on excreting the water.

You also increase your ‘carbohydrate’ intake on that SAME day and by doing this your body will pull water out from underneath the skin; so you fill the muscles with glycogen (carbohydrates) and those then pull water into the muscles to make you look bigger as well as looking more defined or chiseled! A process known as ‘FLUSHING.’

Here are my results from the past week for this process (these where take on Friday):-

Bodyweight – 141.5lbs (lost 3lbs)
Body Fat % – 8.6% (same)
Fat Mass – 12.1lbs (lost 0.3lbs)
Lean Mass – 129.4lbs (lost 2.6lbs)

As you can see from the photo’s attached you can see a much more defined look.

Even though I lost a fair bit of muscle and just a little bit of fat. But I needed to do that process so that I could lower my glycogen stores (caused by eating carbohydrates) so that I could then do the ‘flushing,’ technique one day before my final photo.

Make sure you check-in tomorrow to see what difference just ’24 hours’ made to both my body measurements and photo’s.

See you soon