Does Muscle Really Weigh More Than Fat?

After a hard week of eating so well and exercising, you stand on the scales for your weekly weigh in.

The numbers on the scale are flicking up and down and you are waiting impatiently for them to settle; looking up to the sky praying; your inner voice spurring you on :-

‘Come on, come one; you’ve worked so hard you’ve definitely lost THIS week!’

You slowly lower your head to see where the weight has settled on the scales………

The weight is the exactly the same as the previous week! You pick up the scales in a rage and rattle them with anger!! Screaming:

ARGH!! That can’t be right!! I’ve worked SO hard all week!’

You slam them back to floor and stand on them again; adamant that they are wrong!!

Once again the numbers are flickering up and down; they settle on a pound MORE.


You stomp downstairs, head straight to the kitchen and open that cupboard door that you have resisted temptation so hard all week to open. Grab the chocolate bar or packet of crisps that you have not touched all week and eat not one but TWO!!

As you settle on the sofa tucking into your second chocolate bar or packet of crisps; you send a text message to see how your friend has done:-

YOU – ‘Hey how have u done this wk? I’ve stayed the same. Pfft!’

FRIEND – ‘Thats’ ok I’ve gained a pound this wk. Not happy!’

YOU – ‘No neither am I; I been SO good all week!’

FRIEND – ‘Yeah so have I. It’s ok I heard from someone that muscle weighs more than fat so you have probably gained muscle! :-)’

YOU – ‘Oh that’s made me feel a bit better, perhaps we shouldn’t exercise as much then! Don’t want to gain loads of muscle anyway just be toned.’


Muscle weigh’s MORE than fat?!

Unfortunately I am here to dispel that myth!

If there are two things that are the same weight, how can one weigh more than the other? It can’t!

Do you remember the age old saying of: one pound of feathers weighs the same as one pound of gold.

Well one pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound fat.

The differences you have between the muscle and fat are:

  • Muscle is denser than fat so takes up less space.

  • Muscle is more metabolically active.

  • You can actually weigh more but look smaller!


So don’t worry if you have not lost weight on the scales; go on how your clothes fit you. Better still buy a tape measure and measure your waist, hips and thigh’s and keep a log!

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