Measuring Success

Success can be measured in many different ways whether it be in your private or business life. However the amount of measurement is down to you and perhaps only you?

So to be able to measure your success you first of all need to have set yourself a goal to achieve (I will write about ‘Goal Setting’ in next months blog). For example you want to lose four stone in six months – FANTASTIC!

So you start a plan of losing that weight, doing things that you would not do normally:-

  • Go on long walks on the weekends
  • Drink 2-3 litres of water a day
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Join a gym


So you get to work doing  all these things, sometimes you have ‘good days’ and manage to do all these things and sometimes you have ‘bad days’ where you don’t do any and end up eating junk food whilst laying on the sofa watching TV (which we know we all have done). Don’t worry we ALL have blips; attaining your goal is NOT easy, it won’t be a straight road! It is dam HARD and the road will be long and curvy!!


The six months soon flies by and you feel like you have busted your gut however no matter how hard you have worked over that period you have only managed to lose two stone: now that is only HALF of what you wanted to achieve!! And you can do all the ‘IF’s’ and ‘BUT’s’ however you can’t get that time back. So ultimately you measure your success as not very good?! Which will lead two ways:-

  1. You will deem it a FAILURE so revert to your old habits and put the weight back on plus MORE!
  2. Or you carry on with your goal knowing that it may take longer than the original six months that you gave yourself!


Most people will unfortunately choose the first option. However think of how far you have come? Ok so you haven’t reached your ultimate goal however think of everything else that you have achieved whilst trying to get to your goal and probably without even realising it:-

  • You went on long walks on the weekends – although it may not have been every weekend.
  • You drank 2-3 litres of water most days of the week.
  • You ate MORE fruit and vegetables most days.
  • You joined a gym; may be you didn’t attend as much as you liked but you did more than you usually would of if you hadn’t.
  • You lost an AMAZING 28lbs!!

The point I am trying to get at is although you didn’t reach your goal you have ultimately gained other NEW goals that you probably hadn’t even realised! So don’t be too hard of a judge on yourself just think of how long it took you to gain that extra weight so it will take just as long to get rid of!

Life is not simple and so isn’t achieving a goal! Give yourself praise and keep working hard: take everyday as it comes!