Healthy Eating Does Not Have To Be Expensive

When people start to try and eat more healthy they always complain that it is too expensive to do.

I know that you can buy a meal to feed the whole family from a fast food chain for relatively cheap; however it is either deep fat fried, processed and lacks any nutritional content!

So are these ready meals from the supermarkets; they seem to be relatively cheap to buy and easy to make with little hassle or fuss. However once again these are packed with preservatives and precooked to prolong their shelve life.

Here are some useful tips for trying to eat cheaply and healthy:-

  1. Buy Frozen – you can buy frozen meat, vegetables and fruit. They come pre-chopped and retain a lot more nutrients as they are frozen quickly after being picked.
  2. Buy Budget Cuts of Meat – your regular supermarket will probably won’t provide you with these cuts so you will need to go to your local butchers. Ask for their input in what they recommend as you can find these to be just as tasty if not more so.
  3. Go Veggie – you do not have to go full blown vegetarian however replacing one or two meals a day/week would certainly not only help you but also your bank balance.
  4. Discover Pulses – Add pulses, beans, lentils to you meals is only a great way of adding protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  5. Work to a Recipe – consider the price of ingredients when making recipes. Build a collection of budget foods that you enjoy cooking and eating.
  6. Write a Shopping List – plan you meals in advance and buy the exact ingredients that you will need.
  7. Trade Down A Brand – switch from premium brands to basic brands.
  8. Cut Back On Luxuries – cut back or if possible remove the amounts of treats that you buy; such as crisps, sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks.
  9. Beware of BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) Offers – it is not cheap if you were not getting one in the first place. Sometimes it is slightly more expensive as well!
  10. Shop Around – you don’t owe loyalty to any supermarkets as you own a loyalty card and receive points for buying there! Go and shop around it may take a little longer but not one place has all the best deals.


If you have any questions then send me a message via my contact page or post a comment at the bottom.