***Follow My Own Transformation***

***Follow My Own Transformation***

So after just returning from a sunny holiday I felt myself walking along the sea front feeling fat and out of shape!

I know what you are going to say: ‘but your a personal trainer!’

Even us trainers go through times that knock us off our healthy regimes.

For me I have been following a program to hopefully help with a chronic back issue that I have been suffering which required me to not lift weights for at least 10 weeks?!

TEN WEEKS I thought? I have never not lifted for that long! I still lifted when I did my back injury 3 years ago; I just worked around it!

Anyway the first three weeks I struggled with not being able to lift but after that it got easier and I also felt better and my pain was going as well!

I managed to get through the ten week program and my pain had gone however I did not want to lift again in case the pain returned; so I kept with the program and 10 weeks went into 12 and 14. After the my holiday last week it has been 15 weeks since I last lifted and over the pass 4-5 weeks my nutrition has deteriorated as well!

So from today I will be jumping back on the wagon and start to lift again as well as eating healthy.

If you would like to keep updated with my progress on the way then just post a comment below and if I get enough people interested then I shall post my weekly progress photo’s and measurements.

If you would like to know anything else regarding training or nutrition then just let me know?

Speak Soon