Can Your Gut Affect Your Brain?

Can the bacteria in your gut affect the chemicals in your brain?

Well, the short answer is……YES!

They say that the gut is so complexed that it is now being described as the body’s second brain.

So the foods we consume can ultimately affect our brain.

If we make poor food choices on a regular basis then this can lead to mental health issues: anxiety, depression, etc.

But you could also eat a healthy balanced diet and still suffer from mental issues.

It could possibly be affected by a condition called ‘leaky gut,’ a topic I have written about previously also.

This is where the linings of the gut wall are inflamed which causes the bacteria of the gut to infiltrate the body and into the bloodstream.

Did you know that a third of people that suffer depression also suffer from a leaky gut?

But you can heal your gut if you provide it with the correct nutrition and possible supplementation.

If has been researched that both a ‘paleo’ and/or a ‘vegan’ diet is the best way to do this.

It has also been noted that if you take a probiotic it can have anti-depression and anti-anxiety effects.

If you suffer from mental health and would like to see if I can help you with the ‘neurology therapy’ that I use then send me a message or give me a ‘discovery call.’