Biggest Loser (6 Week) FINALE

So for the pass ‘6 Weeks’ I have been running the Biggest Loser Event.

I took on 10 people to participant in the 6 week weight loss competition.

They had to adhere to THREE rules throughout the event:-

 Walk 10,000 steps everyday
 Record their nutrition and report to me everyday
 Attend at least one out of the two workout sessions per week that I ran

The winner of the event was the person who lost the highest percentage of their own bodyweight.

And they stood to win £150!! 

At the very start of the event they all had their photo’s taken as well as their starting weight.

Each week they all got weighed again so they could see how they were doing and if any adjustments needed to be made.

And in the final week their photo’s were once again taken.

I know everyone was nervous and apprehensive at the start of the event but as the weeks went by they all grew in confidence as they all adhered and become accustomed to the rules; so much so that they no longer felt like rules but they become ‘habits.’

Friendships began to blossom and they all encouraged each other on throughout the whole event.

They ALL did incredibly well and although there could only be one winner they ALL felt they were winners in their own rights (the words from one of the participants). 

As a group over the course of the ‘6 weeks’ they managed to lose an incredible:-


I am not going to post their results in any particular order just how much they have managed lose in:-

Bodyweight / Percentage of bodyweight

Rachel – LOST 12.1lbs / Lost 5.7%
Aimee – LOST 4lbs / LOST 1.9%
David – LOST 12.1lbs / LOST 6.2%
Jenna – LOST 2,9lbs / LOST 2.2%
Lisa – LOST 2.9lbs / LOST 1.5%
Emma – LOST 13.4lbs / LOST 8.2%
Catherine – LOST 9.2lbs / LOST 5.1%
Mark – LOST 11.9lbs / LOST 5.0%
Caroline – LOST 15.2lbs / LOST 11.1%
Bev – LOST 15.8lbs / LOST 6.6%

The top 3 are………

 – Bev – 6.6%
 – Emma – 8.2%
 – Caroline – 11.1%

Caroline is going to donate her winning £150 to the charity: Action For Children. 

MASSIVE well done to them ALL!! 

Don’t forget to check out there before (left photo) and after (right photo) photo’s.
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I hope you have enjoyed following their journey and as I told them:

This is not the finish BUT just the start for them!