I am a Personal Trainer, therapist and former assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach; I help people who want to TRANSFORM their lives. Whether that be to lose weight, look fantastic for summer or fit into that old pair of jeans?! All the way to rehabbing from current or old injuries! What ever YOUR goal is I want to help you achieve it!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

What do I do? I help people to reach their goals! And I like to do it by having fun!!

Okay now for the personal stuff…

I recently got married to my wonderful partner this year; in fact it was the SAME day as the Royal Wedding.

I would say I am pretty shy: yeah I know wrong job to be in if you are! Although my friends would say I’m pretty stupid and I come out of my shell after you have got to know me. I laugh at my own jokes: I mean if you can’t make yourself laugh then who can ya!! Lol!

I enjoy travelling the world; seeing new places, cultures and people. I also enjoy going to music gigs and festivals.