I’ve have recently been clearing out my old room at my parents and came across these old ‘fitness magazines.’

I’ve always had a passion for HEALTH and FITNESS probably stemming back 20+ years ?

It probably started when I first watched the Rocky movies ? and then that got me into Sylvester Stallone movies (Cliff Hanger, Over the Top, Tango and Cash, etc).

I was had a keen interest in Jeet Kune Do founder Bruce Lee as well as karate champion and kick boxer Jean Claude Van Damme.

I used to buy fitness magazines, read them cover by cover and try and absorb as much information as possible. ?

Even trying the workouts in them thinking I would get as big as the film stars or models in them (needless to say I didn’t ?)

These magazines are dated from 2001-2004 and I bet if I looked through them not much of the training or workouts will of changed ??‍♂️

Training to attain your GOAL hasn’t changed drastically over the decades just that there is too much information on what WILL work.

The fact is they ALL work you just need to be consistent with your ACTIONS ?

If you manage to achieve that you WILL reach your goal.

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