My 5 Top Tips To Stay Slim This Christmas

Over the festive period it is time to meet up with family and friends. Either meeting up for a meal or catching up over drinks.

On Christmas Day and Boxing Day you eat and drink more than your hearts content and after you sit merrily down watching Christmas films.

All this over indulgence inevitability leads to excess weight gain!

We then repeat the whole process for the New Year celebrations.

After the New Year arrives we all start a New Years resolution to lose weight and exercise more so we can try and rid that excess weight gain and feel better about ourselves (which if lucky for some lasts 6-8 weeks).

Here are my 5 top tips to help you keep the weight off and still be able to enjoy yourselves this Christmas:-

#1 – Start The Day With A Large Breakfast

Studies show that consuming a big breakfast, you will eat fewer calories during the day. So eat a breakfast that has lots of protein (eggs, dairy, meat, avocado and nuts). Why not try two poached eggs/scrambled eggs on toast, an omelette with ham and cheese, avocado baked eggs or poached egg and avocado toast.

#2 – Stay Active

Whilst you are waiting for your festive meal to finish cooking why not go for a brisk walk to burn off some extra calories and to keep you from boredom eating/snacking before it is served. If you can’t get out before then try and go for a walk after you have finished eating to once again burn off some of those calories and to stop needless grazing whilst you are sat watching the Xmas films.

#3 – Eat Slowly

When sitting down to eat it is easy to overindulge by eating too quickly. Slow down and take your time to chew and enjoy your food. Your meal should take 15-20 minutes to consume; this aids in digestion and gives enough time for your brain to register that you have eaten and when you are full. Also stop eating when you are 80% full.

#4 – Stay Hydrated

Sip water throughout the day. The more hydrated you are the fuller you will feel and the less calories you will consume. Your body is unable to identity the difference between hunger and thirst. So if you are feeling hungry drink a large glass of water. If you are still feeling hungry after 10 minutes then you are hungry and if not then you were actually thirsty.

#5 – Exercise Some Portion Control

Use your hands as a guideline to portion control. For meat/fish (protein) it is one palm size portion for women and two palm size portions for men. For potatoes (mashed, boiled or roasted) it is one cupped hand sized portion for women and two cupped hand sized portions for men. For dressings (fat) it is one thumb sized portion for women and two thumb sized portions for men. For vegetables it is one fist sized portion for women and two fist sized portions for men. However you can’t go wrong with eating too much vegetables so the more the better!

For more healthy tips head over to my Facebook page Get Results with David Della Cioppa.

I hope you all have a great Christmas!

See you in the New Year!