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Here are a few of my most recent blogs i have done.

Can Your Gut Affect Your Brain?

Can the bacteria in your gut affect the chemicals in your brain? Well, the short answer is……YES! They say that the gut is so complexed that it is now being described as the body’s second brain. So the foods we consume can ultimately affect our brain. If we make poor food choices on a regular…


There currently seems to be an increase in people coming down with colds / sickness bugs. So here are some ‘healthy foods’ to help keep those germs away or to speed up your recovery ? 1. Fluids – keep your fluid intake high, aim for 2-3 litres of water per day. You can also use ‘tea’…


I’ve have recently been clearing out my old room at my parents and came across these old ‘fitness magazines.’ I’ve always had a passion for HEALTH and FITNESS probably stemming back 20+ years ? It probably started when I first watched the Rocky movies ? and then that got me into Sylvester Stallone movies (Cliff Hanger, Over…